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Evolution Gaming launched its Lightning Roulette in April 2018 and added a superb new game to its already growing portfolio. The game is designed with advanced RNG system with hints of the European version of roulette. Both combine to create a magnificent new version that is both engaging and interesting for the players. Many professional online casinos in Malaysia now offer  Live Lightning roulette so you can easily get started. In this post, we will look at how you can play the live Lightning roulette in a few simple steps.

What exactly is Evolution Gamings’ Live Lightning Roulette?

First, let’s begin by understanding how the game actually works. It is just like the actual roulette with an exception of advanced features that upgrade its original functionality. This version of roulette contains Lucky Payouts and Lucky Numbers that make the experience much more interesting than any other roulette versions. In addition, the game can be played by an unlimited number of players.

The basic rules of the game

The game uses standard European roulette rules that are easy to follow and very familiar for the players who have had experience with European roulette before. During the game, the numbers between one and five get struck by lightning allowing players to win multiple payouts that can range between hundreds to thousands of MR. The game is started by a live dealer who takes bets from players. Then the Lucky Numbers are generated at random where the RNG determines the value of the payouts and the lucky numbers. Every lucky number contains the possibility of payout that may range between 500:1 and 50:1. To win a payout, a player must place a direct bet on the lucky number.

Learn how to Play Evolution Gamings

How to win the game

Once you have understood the basic rules of the game, it’s time to perfect yourself at it so you can actually win big payouts! Your best bet is to bet on every single lucky number in order to garner the potential highest payout. The multipliers can be up to 50x and will only cover your investment in the game, but it will help you increase your chances of winning. However, remember that the lucky numbers are generated completely at random so it is all about your luck. So, instead of worrying about the payouts, you can focus on having fun and choose your bets reasonably so you don’t drain all your money.

The biggest advantage of playing live lightning roulette is the setting that induces excitement in both the players and the dealer. The gold accents in the game look no less than a highly sophisticated art deco that is bound to get your attention. The dealer has an exceptionally electrifying backdrop with the numbers embezzled. Overall, the setting is what usually gives players the positive vibes about the game.

Final thoughts

If you have decided to play Live lightning roulette, make sure that you get acquainted with the rules and get as many practice rounds as possible so you can learn the art of the game before you actually start betting serious money.

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