SCR99 is an ASIA-based, multinational online casino. In SCR99, they aim for all players to have the most conducive setting. Online Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Live Roulette, Casino Hold’em, Video Poker, Arcade Games, Sportsbook betting, and Real Money Cockfighting live in one and only location. The platform is based in Malaysia and they have been accredited to deliver players from all parts of the world gambling and betting possibilities.
SCR99 ‘s address is regarded as Malaysia’s trustworthy and prestigious online casino site, it is completely legal and licensed according to the laws and gambling industry regulations. Because of the near payment mechanism and always maintaining their benefits, players can be absolutely safe to enjoy and bet here.

Review of SCR99 casino

The casino is certainly a desirable place to try your luck, and for most of you, it might be the right one. There is funding for the progressive jackpot and at the moment the amount is $18 million. Of course, the size will also be raised in the near future due to the fact that it is a progressive jackpot and its value is dependent on other players’ bets. We may add that all the time, this jackpot is rising.

The games are custom made especially for PC users. You have an option, however, to choose a mobile version and even download an app so that you can play the games on your smartphone. The app is modern and built on the latest technologies in growth. Other than that, we can add that great effects come from the games.

Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack , Roulette and so many more are among the casino games. Live games come with a dealer in the real world, but they give much the same experience as real-world ones. At the SCR99 casino, casino games play the primary function.

Sports betting has a wide variety of options. There are endless betting opportunities. There is funding also for cockfights and you are free to bet on them. This is one of the rare choices and it has to be listed as such. Anyway, every possible game that you can think of can be found and it will be available at the casino.

Slots are likewise sponsored. They are made by the industry’s biggest names, so all of them are a real pleasure to play with. Yeah, the number is still smaller than other casino offerings, but we have found that they are constantly added, so we will soon be able to play even more slot games. And yes, it is also sponsored by some of the most common games. Lottery games are being added to the web. There are some of the best-known game providers available and players can enjoy virtually any sort of lottery-related betting.

The customer service of online casino Malaysia, especially SCR99 is one of the outstanding features in comparison with other casinos. Anytime and anyplace you can receive the support thoroughly 24/7 with the principle ‘Malaysia online casino will never sleep’. The staff will help and resolve player’s questions carefully aiming to bring satisfaction and build their trust in all transactions. It makes sure that you will have an enjoyable time to play and bet at an online casino. The support is excellent. Keep in mind that they have upgraded it recently. As such, they are not available on Whatsapp any longer. However, they are available on the Telegram app. Of course, phone calls and live support are available as well. They are some of the best online casinos on the web when it comes to the support.


The following are betting games you can play at SCR99

  1. Sports-book
    You can play and bet on your favourite sports via online live dealers in Asia and Europe by clicking SCR99 ‘s Sport-book. It is necessary first step to build an account to initialise betting in different sports, then read ‘Betting rules’ carefully before skating. SCR99 offers players the world ‘s new sporting event to join the spectrum of sporting in betting and they are updated every second. According to your interest, you can choose to play and bet in S-Sports or M-Sports, then use your bank account balance and move to the online casino’s sports account balance to start betting. In addition, the player will easily check the score to know whether they are winning or not, and to refer to the previous results for the next bets.
  1. Free slots
    SCR99 ‘s free slots depot features several different and exclusive slot game players who are free to pick and play without betting on their real money. Players will only have the ability to experience the hottest slots by clicking on a game they want to play. Furthermore, it is certain that the eye-pleasing design with the vibrant colours and vivid sounds will attract players, making them more exciting and relaxing to explore the world of slots with unreal money.
  2. Cockfight
    Here is the roosters’ bloody arena, where players can predict and bet which cock has higher skill according to the level bet rate they want to put before each game. In the limited time before the match, the opening for betting will take place, so players need to give their bet quickly before closing the bet. SCR99 also offers the free online cockfight practise version that will help players familiarise themselves with these games before putting a skate.To start enjoying the drastic cockfights and betting for high rewards, do not forget to get an account.
  1. Lottery
    SCR99 provides many reliable and leading lottery operators with the services of 4D lottery games that create the protection for players to play the lottery. What you can find here about the 4D lottery service: 
  • Providing the service to quickly and easily purchase a lottery number online. 
  • Each day, check the current and previous draw outcomes. 
  • Receiving tips and tricks from lottery experts on how to easily win the lottery.
  • Providing advice to the player about how to pick and how to increase the winning chance by the required amount.

5. Live football TV

SCR99’s live football TV service will create circumstances for those who enjoy soccer-the King of Sports to watch the wonderful matches online with the clearly updated date and time. Without taking time to travel to the actual stadium, while also maintaining the standard of photos and sounds, you can really be a fan of the football team you love at the magnificent stadium through on the computer screen with internet access.


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