The origins of slot machines

The very first slot machine was created in San Francisco by Charles Fey in 1887. However, many debates that the first slot machine was completed in 1895. The original slot machine had a simpler mechanism than the slot machine you see in 918Kiss online casino today.

It started with 3 reels that contained a total of 5 symbols that included diamonds, hearts, a bell, horseshoes, and spades. The bell simple eventually gave the machine its first name, The Liberty Bell.

Fey was able to create an automatic payment system that made it much easier for the players to place bets and draw payments. Previously, slot machines included ten drums and five symbols which were eventually replaced by the 3 reels.

If the 3 bells appeared in a row, the player would win the biggest prize. Liberty Bell was the first commercial and most successful slot machine in the United States of America. Slot machines at 918Kiss are very similar to the Liberty Bell with an exception that they have been technologically updated to create more ease for the online gambling enthusiasts.

Sitman and Pitt

One of the earlier versions of slot machines can also be attributed to the effort of Sitman and Pitt who created the first versions of modern slots machines. These first slot machines contained 5 drums with 50 cards. The idea of the machine was based on poker, which is probably why it became extremely popular just after a few years of their introduction to the market. In the beginning, there was no payment method so the winners would get a beer or a drink as their reward.

The electromechanical slot machine

Soon after the early models of slot machines were introduced, many companies began to work on what would become the modern version of slots that we see in online casinos. The first fully electromechanical slot was developed by Bally in 1963. It was named the Money Honey. This was the first slot machine with a proper payment mechanism that allowed up to 500 coins that would pay out automatically without the need for an assistant or attendant. This slot machine had a side lever that quickly became a part of the new generation of slot machines.

Online casinos like 918Kiss have similar patterns that make them resemble the earlier versions of slot games.

The Video Slots

After the grand popularity of electromechanical slots, manufacturers quickly began producing new types of slots that only came with robust payment systems but also offered a variety of games. The first video slot was developed in 1976 in Las Vegas, Nevada by a group of pioneers that were part of the company Fortune Coin Co.

After the rise of video slots, the technological progress happened quickly. Today, we have online casinos with hundreds of different slot games that can be played on Android devices. Let’s see how far the gambling industry would go from here.